Welcome to Spring in New York!

Congratulations and welcome to Spring in New York at NYU! We are University Programs, the NYU division that facilitates Spring in NY and visiting student programs. Know that during your time at NYU, you are an NYU student in all ways! Should you need assistance or direction of any sort, we are here to help. Who’s we you might ask?

Kristin Balicki – Director of University Programs
Jennifer Spirer – Director of Operations
Isaac Amad – Assistant Director of Advising
Kimmy Berry – Administrative Aide
Joanne Ng – Graduate Intern

The Spring in NY blog is our way of keeping you up to date with the most important and relevant information for your time at NYU. Deadlines, documents, and details for the semester will all be highlighted in the blog, so be sure to check it often!

When not hanging out in cyberspace, University Programs staff also exist in the real world! Visit us at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) located at 18 Washington Place. Here you can inquire about all things Spring in NY, find yourself a quiet study spot, or enjoy a caffeine break at the Argo Tea Cafe.

Did you know that NYU is the largest private university in the United States? With that comes lots of information that you’ll want and need to know as you navigate through the campus and the city, so be sure to check the blog regularly for new information! We will be posting all fall and winter long, right up to the start of the spring semester.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already figured out how to find the blog. Bookmark this page, follow us, or click on the Spring in NY link for our website. We encourage you to be an active participant over the fall and hope you find the blog useful and informative. And of course, if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us at up.advising@nyu.edu.

More to come soon!