Textbooks & The Bookstore


A great way to prepare for classes before the semester begins is to purchase your textbooks.

The NYU Bookstore website allows you to search for your textbooks by either entering your student information or your course information. New and used books are available through the bookstore. The bookstore’s website features a brand-new price comparison feature, which ensures that you get your textbooks at the best price possible.  Alternatively, many students also choose to purchase books through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.

If your textbook search comes up empty, don’t stress! Some professors do not post their textbooks on the website, and will instead distribute a book list or syllabus on the first day of class.

Shop online or stop by the bookstore to pick up your books, check out the computer store (which offers discounted student prices on technology), and pick up some souvenirs for friends and family– or maybe a sweatshirt for yourself!