Your NYUCard

All NYU student students must get a NYUCard for the Spring semester. Your NYUCard will be your gateway to many things – classrooms, libraries, freeseums, athletic facilities, and great student discounts!

Once you are registered in your Fall courses, you can get your NYUCard. Simply submit a photo online (beginning 12/1) and, once approved by the NYUCard Center, pick it up in person. If submitted and approved by 3:00 PM, you can pick up your card the following business day. The NYUCard Center is located at 7 Washington Place on the corner of Mercer Street. Please note that you must bring a valid photo ID with you to get your card. More information can be found online.

Perhaps most importantly, your NYUCard will grant you access to dining options. Students living on or off-campus can utilize NYU’s 13 dining locations during the semester. Dining halls include traditional buffet-style meals and national brand favorites such as Quiznos, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and even Chick-Fil-A!

The University offers a variety of meal plans to make the dining experience easier for students. Information about meal plans for students living both on and off campus can be found here. For more information regarding NYU Dining and Meal Plans, check out the NYU Dining Guide.

In addition to meal plans, your NYUCard can also serve as a debit card with Campus Cash. Campus Cash is a service that allows you to put money onto your card and use it at participating shops, cafes, and restaurants. (It’s also great for doing laundry!) Rather than worry about carrying and budgeting your cash, save time and safely consolidate your money by enrolling in Campus Cash.

As you can see, your NYUCard is a powerful thing! If you have further questions about obtaining your NYUCard, meals plans, or Campus Cash, email us at 


Housing and How to Get to Campus

Coming from out of town to study at NYU? It’s important that you find and secure housing now so you have a cozy place to call home this semester! Let’s’ talk about some of the on and off-campus housing options you have as a Spring in NY student.

University Housing: Students interested in on-campus housing should have indicated so on their Spring in New York application. Once admitted, they will receive an email with housing information and application instructions.  If you are interested in on-campus housing and did not indicate this on your admission application or did not receive an email with housing information, please contact the Office of University Programs.

Please note that campus housing is extremely limited and not guaranteed.  Students who complete a housing application will be placed on a priority list to receive housing if space becomes available, but all students are encouraged to research off-campus housing options as a security measure.

If you have questions about living on campus, please contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Off-Campus Living: Off-Campus Housing Services provides assistance to students seeking private off-campus apartment rentals. We encourage students to use the Off-Campus Housing Tips and Terms in their search for housing.

When to Arrive and How to Get to Campus: Classes begin Monday, January 25. If you are living on campus, move-in will occur on Sunday, January 24 at 12 PM. If you are living off campus your arrival date is up to you, just be sure to arrive in time for your first class and any orientation events! (Information coming soon).

NYU is primarily located around Washington Square Park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. The campus is easily accessible via New York City public transportation. Directions on how to get to NYU are on the NYU visitor’s website. Please know that there is no NYU transportation service to bring you to campus from the local airports or bus/train terminals.  All students are responsible for transportation to campus.

There are many ways to get from the airport to NYU, including buses, shuttles, and trains. The easiest way to get to campus is to use a taxi or car service. If you use a taxi, be sure to get one from the official taxi stand at the airport. DO NOT accept a ride from an unauthorized taxi driver.

Also, if you are flying, it is a good idea to register your trip with NYU Traveler, the University’s web-based travel safety service.

Once you arrive, familiarize yourself with campus with our interactive and downloadable campus map or by downloading the NYU Mobile app which features a campus map among other useful features!