Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Tuition in the spring semester is determined by the number of credits you register for in total. Information about tuition and fees is available on the Spring in New York website.

Tuition Insurance
NYU offers tuition insurance to students in case the student suffers a serious illness or injury and needs to leave the University before the semester is complete.  For information about the Tuition Insurance Refund Plan, please visit the NYU Bursar website.

Tuition Refunds
All students are responsible for following University policies regarding withdrawing from courses.  Students may be eligible for a tuition refund depending on the date by which they drop a course or withdraw from the University.  The course refund schedule and complete semester withdrawal refund schedule are set by the NYU Bursar.

Information about academic procedures for visiting students for spring is also available online.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is not available to visiting students at NYU.  Visiting students, however, may support the cost of their courses with consortium agreements or private loans. Please meet with the financial aid office at your home institution to discuss a possible consortium agreement if applicable.  For further information, please visit the Spring in New York website.

Bill Payment
The bill payment deadline is January 5.  Your payment deadline will in included in your e-bill.  Students who do not pay their accounts by the deadline may be de-enrolled from their courses.  Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to pay your account by the deadline.

Notifications of electronic bills (e-bills) are sent to students at their NYU email accounts with instructions on how to view bills via Albert online.  The preferred method of payment is electronic check.  If you are unable to pay using an e-check, other methods are available.  NYU does not accept payments by credit card.  Students can view their bills at any time on Albert via NYUHome.

Students may also grant their parents access to their account and billing information via Albert. Instructions on how to grant your parents or another third-party access to your NYU account is available online.

If you have questions about viewing or paying your bill, please contact the NYU Bursar Office, or visit one of two Student Services Centers located in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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